Reckless and distracted driving by Boca Raton teens is the focus of the Florida Department of Transportation

The most deadly impact on teen drivers is distracted and reckless driving. Teens need to know that this number one killer is completely avoidable only if they make good choices when it comes to no texting while driving. Boca Raton area drivers are becoming increasingly aware that applying make-up, eating, texting and other distractive habits, while they are driving, can kill people. The Florida Safety Office reported that almost 98% of drivers believe that texting while driving is dangerous. But strangely enough, this same study group has admitted to practicing these deadly habits over 68% of the time. It is surprising to find out how many of us still believe that they can safely text while driving. Teen drivers tend to not grasp the ramifications of their texting while driving habits and the possible deadly results that can come from their actions. Studies have indicated that cognitive distractions while driving are far more hazardous than others in car distractions. Drivers believe that they can successfully handle multiple tasks while driving but our brains are really not designed to take on multiple tasks at once. A distraction for just one moment can result in a tragic Boca Raton car accident.

Young drivers are shown how to practice safe driving habits

There are methods in illustrating to teen drivers about the dangers of distracted and reckless driving. Florida’s Put IT Down program teaches young drivers how to practice safe driving habits. Plus they try to make a point to tell teens to get the word out to all their friends. A valuable part of the program shows parents how to set a good example themselves so we don’t take on a do as I say attitude. Florida law agencies are spreading the word that the public needs more education plus the strict enforcement of new traffic laws to drive home how critical it is to drive distracted or recklessly. They are driving home the fact that everyone needs to make distracted driving socially unacceptable. The stigmatism of drinking and driving should be just as bad as reckless or distracted driving. It is important to note that every fatality, due to a distracted driver, could have been avoided if we practice safe driving. Remember that all it takes is just one text and someone could die. The Boca Raton car accident attorneys at The Broderick Law Firm are getting the word out about the hazards of reckless and distracted driving. Contact us today if you need help defending your rights if you are hurt by a distracted driver.

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