It can be frustrating to get injured at work and have to go to a doctor you don’t know while missing more work. If you don’t like the doctor’s diagnosis or treatment plan, you may be tempted to go to your own doctor.

Options for a Workplace Injury

If you’re injured at work, the common process is to go to a doctor approved by the worker’s compensation insurance. In some cases, another option may be chosen. If the injury appears to be minor, the employee may go to their own doctor and pay for the expense themselves.

The employer may also offer to pay for medical care rather than turning it into the worker’s compensation company. Too many claims can make the employer’s insurance rates go up so they may try to avoid it by taking care of the injury themselves.

The Risk of Not Filing a Claim

If you elect not to file a claim and just have your private insurance pay for the medical care, you may regret it. For one thing, the insurance provider will only pay for your medical costs where worker’s compensation pays for lost wages and other expenses related to the injury as well.

Another issue is that private insurance won’t pay for a claim that is work-related. As they receive bills for the injury, the provider may start an investigation. They will likely deny the claim once they determine the injury happened at work.

Don’t think the insurance company won’t find out. They are experienced at researching claims and will recognize an injury that would be caused by work conditions. Furthermore, the doctor will refuse to treat you if you tell them the injury happened at work or put it on the paperwork. They know the insurance company will deny the claim, which means they won’t get paid.

Lost Wages

If your injury results in time off work, you won’t get paid. Without a salary coming in, you can end up in financial trouble. Worker’s compensation will pay a portion of your wages while you are off from work. This money can help you continue to pay the bills while you recover.

Some disability insurance is designed only for workplace injuries, which means you would also lose out on short- or even long-term disability because of your injuries if you don’t file a claim.

In addition to not reporting the injury at all, you don’t want to delay reporting it. Worker’s compensation can deny coverage if the injury is not reported promptly. You would be out the expenses associated with the injury for the duration.

It may not seem efficient to go through worker’s compensation for a workplace injury, but it is required by law and by insurance to report it correctly. If you have suffered a work injury, contact an attorney to have someone on your side and ensure you receive the treatment and benefits you are entitled to receive.

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