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Is Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Trying to Pull a Fast One On You?

Imagine you are injured while at work. You do not believe you are seriously injured but a few days go by and your back is still hurting so you go to the doctor. The doctor prescribed a treatment plan; however, after a few weeks your back continues to hurt and you are having difficulty working. Your doctor orders an MRI and other diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your pain and the severity of your injury. Your doctor contacts the workers’ compensation insurance carrier for authorization.

Before the procedures can be performed, the insurance company contacts you to offer $10,000 to settle your workers’ comp claim right now. That figure seems like a lot of money, especially when you have been out of work and bills have been piling up at home. For some workers, this could be a third or even a half of their entire annual salary and the insurance company knows this — that is exactly why it made the offer.

Accepting an Early Settlement Offer Can Reduce the Amount You Are Entitled to Receive for Your Workers’ Compensation Injury

It is almost never a good idea to accept an early settlement offer, especially if your physician has ordered additional diagnostic tests. There is obviously something wrong and you need to find out exactly what is wrong and receive treatment. If you accept the insurance company’s offer, it will no longer be required to pay your medical expenses. It will not be required to pay temporary benefits nor compensate you for a permanent disability or condition. The insurance company knows this — it is why it offered a settlement figure now.

The insurance company would much rather pay you a settlement now before you discover the severity of your workplace injury. If the insurance company can obtain a release, it is “off the hook” for future medical costs or other workers’ compensation benefits.

Your best course of action is to consult with an experienced Boca Raton workers’ compensation attorney. Your attorney is the only person, other than your doctor, who is working solely for your best interest in a Florida workers’ compensation claim. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate your workplace accident and we work closely with your doctors to determine the severity of your injury before we discuss any settlement offers with your employer’s insurance company.

Do not make a mistake by accepting an early workers’ compensation settlement offer. Consult with our attorneys to protect your right to receive ALL of the benefits you are entitled to receive under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws.

A Boca Raton Workers’ Compensation Law Firm That Cares About Your Injury

The workers’ compensation attorneys of Broderick Law Firm, P.L. care about you and your workplace injury. We want you to recover from your job-related injury so that you can get back to work and get back to what is truly important — enjoying your family and your life. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing accident victims in workers’ compensation claims. We understand Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Laws and how to protect your rights under those laws.

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