Investigators Fly Drones to Catch Workers’ Comp Scammers in Boca Raton, FL

Private investigator Bob Johnson, with Prime Investigation LLC, has been sneaking up on workers’ compensation fraud suspects for years. Gone are the days of sitting in a car for countless hours waiting for the subject to show up in hopes to get a good photo. Now with the help of high-tech drones, Johnson can park a block away and fly his drone to get a photo of the workers’ compensation fraud suspect doing things they claim they are too injured to do. Johnson said that with all the high-tech tools out there he can run his Boca Raton workers’ compensation investigation company far more efficiently. His drone is just one of many new spying devices that allow him to collect evidence to use against the worker’s comp fraudster. With his large selection of small hidden cameras that are triggered by motion sensors, he can set up the device and leave then wait for the photos to download remotely. Did you know that even you can help reduce Boca Raton workers’ compensation fraud? You can turn someone if by contacting the Florida Workers’ Compensation anti-fraud division. Johnson when on to say that he uses to remain on a stake out for hours or days and sometimes even weeks waiting to catch these people red-handed. “No more long stakes for me,” said Johnson. “I’m always buying new high-tech tools the moment they hit the market.” Just last year he busted a “disabled woman” who was digging post holes for her new fence behind the house. Johnson knew that she had been doing hard labor but needed a video to prove it. So he launched his spy drone a hundred yards from her house and flew it into her backyard quietly taking a video of the woman doing hard labor. The video was enough to close the woman’s Boca Raton workers’ comp claim and convict her of fraud. The law states that any place is fair game as long as you don’t have a privacy fence around your property. Due to the high volume of workers’ comp claims now Johnson’s high tech tools allow him to level the playing field. He knows that the high cost of workers’ comp insurance is due to people like this Boca Raton woman defrauding the system. Johnson said, “I’ve busted disabled workers that couldn’t work but were able to play tackle football with their children.” It’s time to crack down on these fraudsters and get them off the workers’ comp payroll. Florida workers’ compensation fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars that could be saved it these people didn’t fake their injuries. If you have any questions whether your Boca Raton workers’ compensation case is legitimate please contact us today. Our worker’s comp attorneys can help you handle your insurance claim.

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