When you are injured on the job, you expect your medical bills to be paid by your employer or its insurance provider. Isn’t that the purpose of the workers’ comp system?

Yes, the workers’ compensation system is designed to ensure that an injured worker receives the medical care he or she needs after a workplace injury. In addition to medical benefits, workers’ comp laws provide other benefits for injured workers. The downside is that Florida’s workers’ compensation laws prevent a worker from suing an employer in almost all cases of workplace injuries and illnesses. That is the “give and take” of the workers’ compensation system.

Is Treatment Medically Necessary?

Unfortunately, Florida’s workers’ comp laws only require the insurance company or the employer to pay for “medically necessary” treatments and medical equipment. Because of this requirement, many insurance companies like to argue that medical treatment or a piece of medical equipment is not medically necessary to avoid paying for the treatment or equipment.

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Filing The Proper Forms

After each of your doctor visits, a completed Uniform Medical Treatment/Status Report (Form DWC 25), including progress notes, must be sent to the adjuster. The adjuster must approve or deny the treatment plan in the report. If the adjuster fails to reply within 10 days to a written request for authorization of treatment, the medical necessity requirement is deemed waived.

Many injured workers do not receive the medical care they need or the care is delayed because insurance adjusters argue over what is medically necessary. Instead of fighting this problem on your own, let an experienced workers’ comp attorney fight that battle for you while you focus on your recovery. Workers’ compensation insurance carriers can be extremely difficult to deal with. Our attorneys are familiar with this and understand the best methods to use to move your workers’ comp case forward so you can get the benefits you need.

Are You Being Denied Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

When you are injured at work, your world can quickly turn upside down. You worry about how you will provide for your family if you are unable to work. How will you pay the medical bills and other expenses related to your injury?

If you have been injured at work or you have developed an occupational illness, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits under Florida law. This should be an automatic process; however, that is not always the situation. Employers and insurance companies looking to reduce costs and prevent paying benefits may try to deny or delay your claim. Put someone on your side who understands the system and who can fight for your legal rights.

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