Many workers handle dangerous chemicals every day as part of their job duties. Even though strict rules and regulations are in place to prevent injuries, chemical accidents happen. Exposure to these chemicals can cause severe injuries or death. Roughly 10 percent of occupational accidents are due to chemical or environmental exposure. Because of the danger, employers must take steps to protect employees from accidental chemical exposure. These steps may include providing additional and ongoing training and providing special safety equipment, including clothing and accessories. Unfortunately, even with the best protection and precautions, chemical exposure accidents can happen.

Chemical Exposure Injuries in The Workplace

Common types of chemical exposure that can cause injury in the workplace include skin exposure, inhalation, contact with contaminated equipment, accidents, or ingestion of the chemicals. Chemical exposure injuries can occur suddenly or over time. Some of the common injuries that occur from chemical exposure include: Body Systems If you accidentally ingest or inhale chemicals while at work, any or all body functions can be damaged. For example, you can suffer lung damage, renal failure, cardiovascular injuries, damage to the immune system, cancer, or injury to the nervous system. The extent of the injury depends on the type of chemical involved and the level of exposure. This type of chemical exposure can result in permanent or life-threatening damage. Eyes The eyes are extremely sensitive to chemical exposure. Three of the most dangerous types of eye injuries caused by chemical exposure are:

    • Injury caused by the irritants in chemicals
    • Alkali burns that damage the internal and external areas of the eyes
    • Acid burns to the external area of the eye

In addition to severe pain, chemical exposure can cause permanent damage that can include partial or total blindness. Extremities For employees who handle chemicals, the risk of injury to extremities is high, especially to the hands and arms. Special protective clothing and accessories should be worn at all times when handling chemicals.

Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim for Chemical Injuries

A chemical injury can occur suddenly because of an accident, or the injury can occur over a prolonged time. It could take years for you to realize you have suffered an injury due to chemical exposure at work. For example, cancer or organ dysfunction may not be immediately known. It is very important to report any chemical injury to your employer as soon as it happens or you discover the injury. Some insurance companies may argue the injury did not occur because of chemical exposure. If your claim is denied or delayed, contact our office immediately for assistance with your Florida workers’ comp claim.

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