I Was Just Hit By Another Driver in a Car Accident – What Do I Do Now?

After a car accident of any type (i.e. car crash, commercial truck accident, motorcycle crash, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, etc.), your first priority is to seek medical attention and retain an experienced Boca Raton personal injury attorney. Your health and safety are the most important things following an accident; therefore, if you are able to get to a place of safety, do so quickly. You want to avoid being hit by another vehicle as you call the police, emergency medical service, and a towing company.

If you are not disabled by your injuries and it is safe to do so, take pictures of the accident scene and exchange information with the other driver. Because most people have smartphones, it is easy and convenient to record the accident scene just as it appears at the time of your collision. This key evidence could help your attorney establish fault for the crash. If you do not have a phone with a built-in camera, place a disposable camera in your vehicle in the event of an accident to photograph the roadway, crash scene, your vehicle, and the other vehicles involved in the accident.

Take pictures of everything you can imagine (i.e. skid marks or the lack of skid marks on the road, traffic signs, traffic signals, the other vehicle’s tag, the other driver’s insurance card and license, etc.) — you never know what photograph may be the piece of evidence your attorney may need to ensure you win your case.

When the police arrive, provide your statement to the officer only. Do not discuss the accident with the other driver, eyewitnesses, or anyone else who may be at the accident scene. Even if you do not believe you are seriously injured, allow the EMTs to examine you and transport you to the hospital. You could have internal injuries or a closed head injury you are not aware of due to the adrenalin in your system, shock, an/or anxiety. You may be putting your health at risk if you do not go to the hospital to be examined by a physician.

When you arrive at the emergency room, provide a complete and accurate description of your symptoms. Do not leave anything out because the doctor will prepare a record of your examination, including your symptoms. In addition to needing this information to accurately diagnose and treat your injuries, this record is needed when your attorney prepares your case for settlement or trial.

Follow all of the doctor’s instructions and follow up with your family physician and/or specialists (if applicable). Take all required medications and never miss your doctor’s appointments. You do not want to give the insurance company anything to use against you to argue you do not deserve the compensation your attorney is demanding.

Lastly, retain an attorney as soon as possible. Do not provide any written or recorded statements regarding the accident to the insurance company and do not sign any forms for the insurance company without first consulting with your attorney. Deal with the insurance company without consulting with an attorney can significantly hurt your claim and lower the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries, damages, and losses.

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