Truck vs Car Accident in South Florida on I-75 Leaves Two Dead

Florida Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal multi-car and trucking accident on I-75, in Pembroke Pines, that took the life of two South Florida residents. The auto wreck shut down the interstate for many hours as emergency crews worked on the accident scene. FHP reported that the accident occurred at 11:30 p.m. near the Pines Blvd exit near a construction zone. The first driver killed in the accident was 29-year-old Jonathan Raymon Astaphan also from Miramar. Astaphan’s car was the first car to hit the flat bed tractor-trailer carrying concert barriers. His car slid under the truck completely cutting the roof from the car, killing Johnathan instantly. Miraculously the second person in his car, Patricia Rolle, survived the horrible car accident and is at the hospital in serious condition. Emergency personal on the scene reported that it’s amazing that she is still alive after seeing how badly damaged the car is. In this car vs tractor trailer accident, the second victim was identified as 17-year-old Liza Angulo who had just recently graduated from high school in Miramar. The BMW she was driving was just given to her as a graduation gift by her parents. She was also planning on going to the University of Miami in the fall of this year. Emergency workers reported that the semi-truck, loaded with concrete barriers, pulled onto the freeway into the path of Astaphan’s car. His car then hit the truck and went completely under the trailer. After that Angulo ran into the back of the truck trailer which caused the heavy concrete barriers to fall off the truck and onto her car, crushing it, killing her instantly. Finally, another semi-truck crashed into the first truck. Both truck drivers were not injured in the auto accident. Friends and school mates of Angulo said that she was a very smart and caring person that had a bright future ahead of her. The FHP is currently investigating the car & semi-truck accident and is looking into the possibility that the concrete lane barriers did not get correctly secured to the flatbed trailer. The Boca Raton, FL truck accident attorneys at  The Broderick Law Firm advise drivers to be very careful while driving at night. Always allow more distance between you and the other cars in case you need to stop suddenly to avoid a car accident ahead of you. If you do happen to be involved in a car or truck accident make sure you protect your legal rights by hiring an experienced Boca Raton auto accident attorney.

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