What Do I Need To Know About Filing A Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Have you been injured at work? Has a workplace accident caused you to be out of work? Is your employer dragging its feet filing your claim with its insurance company? Do you have questions about the workers’ compensation process in Florida? Below are five important things you need to know about Florida’s workers’ compensation laws if you have been injured at work.

Don’t Tough It Out


New Workers’ Comp Laws Benefit Injured Workers

According to a story posted by Business Insider, The Florida House of Representatives passed a workers’ compensation reform bill that will increase the number of weeks an injured worker can receive benefits. House Bill 7085 increased the length of time a worker can receive temporary total disability or temporary partial disability benefits from 104 weeks to 260 weeks. By doing so, lawmakers have addressed the problem of a gap between the end of benefits and the injured worker still receiving treatment for his or her injuries. […]

Work-Related Fatalities Increase in Florida

According to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, fatal occupational injuries are increasing in Florida. In 2015, 272 people died in work-related accidents throughout the state. The largest contributing factor or event that year was transportation incidents followed by falls, slips, and trips. During 2014, there were 228 people killed in work-related accidents and in 2013, 239 people died from work-related injuries. Transportation-related incidents and falls continue to be the leading factors in work-related deaths each year.  […]

Job-Related Electrocution Injuries In Florida

Electrocution is the fifth leading cause of employment-related fatalities in the United States. Employees who suffer electrocution injuries at work can sustain broken bones, severe burns, heart attack, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, scarring, permanent disabilities, and neurological damage. Each year, more than 400 people die because of electrocution injuries in the workplace. […]

Judge Denies Request to Change Doctors in Florida Workers Comp Case

According to a story reported by the Florida Record, an injured worker’s second request to change doctors after a workplace injury has been denied. In a decision by the First District Court of Appeal, the court upheld the lower court’s decision to deny the worker’s request to change doctors because he had already been granted a one-time change of physicians. The injured employee had previously requested a change of doctors when his authorized orthopedic physician retired and the insurance company authorized another doctor. The employee alleged that he should be allowed to change doctors again to return to a doctor with the practice of his original doctor. The court denied the request because the worker had already been granted a one-time change of doctors. […]

How to Tell If You Suffered A Concussion At Work

A workplace injury is something you should take very seriously. You may not believe you suffered an injury when in fact you are injured. Therefore, you should always report any accidents and injuries to your employer when they occur to avoid being denied for Florida workers’ compensation benefits. This applies when you believe you may have suffered a concussion at work. One workplace injury that is common and may not always be reported is a concussion. A concussion at work can result from a fall or falling equipment. Anything your head strikes an object, you can suffer a concussion. The important thing is that a physician checks you and you know what to look for after you experience a head injury. […]

What are My Options If My Doctor Recommends Surgery for a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Getting hurt on the job is never an easy experience. Dealing with workers’ compensation insurance can make the situation even more stressful. If the injury is serious enough, your doctor may recommend surgery. Once this occurs, you may run into several different issues regarding workers’ compensation coverage for your workplace injury. An experienced Boca Raton workers’ comp attorney can help you sort through the issues to ensure you receive the medical care you need and the benefits you are entitled to receive under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws. […]

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Questions Answered

Workers compensation for employees that quit

Will I Lose My Workers’ Compensation Benefits If I Quit My Job?

If you are injured at work or you develop a medical condition or illness because of your job, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to provide income assistance while you obtain medical treatment of a job-related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation benefits also pay for that medical treatment. In order to receive benefits, you must file a claim and follow all steps required by law.

Once the doctor has cleared you to return to work, you can return to your job. If you have a permanent medical condition or disability, you may also be entitled to receive a settlement as compensation for the permanent condition. Your employer cannot fire you because you file a valid workers’ compensation claim. If you are wrongfully fired by your employer, you can file a civil action against the employer for wrongful termination. However, you can voluntarily quit your job while you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits. […]

Florida Workers’ Compensation Facts

Injured Construction Worker

Common Misconceptions About Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Most people do not have much experience with Florida’s workers’ compensation laws; therefore, when they are injured at work they have many questions. In some cases, workers have heard things about the workers’ compensation laws that are simply not true. Below are five of the most common misconceptions about Florida’s workers’ compensation laws. You need the truth about workers’ compensation benefits so that you can receive all of the compensation and benefits you are entitled to receive by law. […]

Workers’ Comp Rates Soar in Florida

workers comp rates high in florida

Florida Workers’ Comp Rates Could Be The Highest In The Southeast

The Florida Chamber of Commerce alleges that if a proposed insurance rate increase is approved, Florida will have the highest workers’ comp insurance rates in the southeast. As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, the chamber’s president Mark Wilson said, “A 19.6 percent rate increase will cause uncertainty among job creators and may even force a decline in Florida’s job growth.” Why is the rate for workers’ comp insurance increasing in Florida?

Two Recent Decisions in Workers’ Comp Lawsuits Favor Florida Injured Workers

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) requested the 19.6 percent increase in Florida’s workers’ comp rates due to two recent Florida Supreme Court rulings that favor employees. Business groups claim the decisions hurt Florida’s economy while attorneys and employee advocates praise the court’s decisions as protecting injured workers. […]