Smart Packing for Fourth of July Road Trips

We have that one outfit and that favorite pair of shoes that we love to pull out on a special occasion or a well-deserved vacation. Then we hesitate to try to decide if we truly want to wear that outfit or those shoes, so we rummage through the closet to find something else. The July 4th holiday is known for some of the epic parties of the year. We must account for other activities planned during the Independence holiday and pack accordingly. Then, let’s not forget the million and one things we need for our children or animals. Have you noticed the trend? What we do not need is an overloaded car that can cause an accident during our Fourth of July road trip. […]

Can New Technology Prevent Car Crashes?

When you look at all the features on new vehicles, you’ll quickly discover how far technology has advanced in the last few years. Some of the systems used on new models look more like science fiction, but this technology is real. The question is, “Does this new technology prevent car crashes?”

Crash Avoidance Technology

In the past, engineers focused on building safer vehicles by reducing injury in a collision. Airbags and steel beams in the doors are just two of the ways cars are safer today than in past years. However, the focus has moved to preventing a collision. Crash avoidance systems available on new models include: […]