Textalyzer Could Be Used By Law Enforcement


Will Florida Be The Next State To Use The Textalyzer?

Last month was Florida’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month – Focus on Driving, Florida! Texting while driving is one of the worst types of distracted driving because it involves a person’s visual, manual, and cognitive abilities. While the driver is texting, his eyes are off the road, his hands are off the steering wheel, and you are focusing on something other than the task of driving. The campaign reminds Florida drivers that they need to keep their “eyes on road, hands on wheel, mind on driving.”

Unfortunately, not all drivers will heed the warning. Texting while driving is banned in Florida. Drivers who choose to text while driving can be charged and fined. However, the consequences of texting while driving go far beyond receiving a traffic ticket. Accidents caused by distracted drivers injuries thousands of people each year and costs millions of dollars in damages. During 2015, Florida had 45,740 distracted driving accidents resulting in 214 deaths and 39,396 injuries. […]