Light Duty Work for Workers Comp

light duty work for workers comp claim

Does My Employer Have To Offer Light Duty Work?

Have you been hurt on the job? Is your employer telling you that you need to return to work on light duty? Are you unsure whether you are required to return to work before you have fully recovered from your injuries? The workers’ compensation attorneys of The Broderick Law Firm, P.L. can provide answers to your questions while protecting your rights under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws.

In most cases, when you suffer a workplace injury, you will need to take time off work to recover from your injuries. The amount of time you will be out of work will depend on the severity and type of injury. It will also depend on the type of work that you perform. Some employees may not be able to perform their regular duties; however, the employer may be able to provide other work that the employee can perform while recovering from the workplace injury. […]