Florida Man Arrested for Workers’ Comp Fraud

According to a story in the Insurance Journal, a Florida businessman has been arrested on two counts of workers’ compensation insurance fraud and other charges related to selling his insurance certificate to other employees. If convicted, the man could face up to 30 years in prison. […]

Injured At Work Rules

Can My Employer Fire Me For Being Injured At Work?

Can My Employer Fire Me For Being Injured At Work?

My co-worker told me that another employee was fired just before I was hired because he was injured in a workplace accident. I got hurt last week but I have been hiding that from my employer. I am afraid that he will fire me when he finds out that I was injured at work. What should I do?

It is natural to be nervous and scared if you have been hurt at work. You are dealing with the physical pain of your injury and the prospect of losing time from work which means losing money. On top of it all, you are terrified that your employer is going to fire you because you were injured. However, not reporting your injury is harmful for many reasons but the most important reason is your health. […]