Workers’ Comp for First Responders With PTSD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious condition that can render a person unable to work or function normally in daily life. First responders can suffer PTSD because they see horrific sights and deal with traumatic and heartbreaking situations. Unfortunately, first responders diagnosed with PTSD are not eligible for workers’ compensation under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation system unless they also have a physical injury. […]

Work-Related Fatalities Increase in Florida

According to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, fatal occupational injuries are increasing in Florida. In 2015, 272 people died in work-related accidents throughout the state. The largest contributing factor or event that year was transportation incidents followed by falls, slips, and trips. During 2014, there were 228 people killed in work-related accidents and in 2013, 239 people died from work-related injuries. Transportation-related incidents and falls continue to be the leading factors in work-related deaths each year.  […]

When Should I Hire A Florida Workers Comp Attorney?

If you have sustained an injury at work, this is probably a confusing time for you. Your immediate concern is medical attention for your injuries; however, you also have other concerns that must be addressed. One of the major concerns is how to pay for your living expenses if you miss work due to your workplace injury. A workers comp claim can help.

Florida’s workers’ compensation laws exist to address some of the vital concerns of injured workers, such as medical care and temporary income. While the workers’ compensation system in Florida should provide benefits in a timely and smooth fashion, workers must rely on insurance companies to fulfill the provisions of the workers’ comp laws. […]

Can I File A Workers’ Comp Claim For Hearing Loss At Work?

When we think about a workplace injury, we usually think of broken bones, back injuries, head trauma, or severe injuries that require immediate medical attention. Many workers are unaware that injuries and illnesses that develop over time are also covered by Florida’s workers’ compensation laws. An article in USA Today last fall highlights one of those injuries that may go uncompensated because workers’ may not be aware it is considered a workplace injury – hearing loss at work. […]

Heavy Lifting Workers’ Comp Claims In Florida

Are you required to lift heavy objects as part of your job requirements? Has your employer ever asked you to do a bit of heavy lifting that you are not regularly required to do as part of your job? Employers will sometimes utilize employees when moving the office or placing items into long-term storage. These employees probably think nothing about the minor aches and pains they experience after moving heavy objects. However, those minor aches and pains can be a reason for filing a workers’ compensation claim. […]

Can I Receive Florida Workers’ Comp If I am Injured at Lunch?

Workers’ compensation coverage is a complicated matter. The complexities lead to questions about the validity of a claim. Depending on the circumstances, an insurance company may try to deny an injury claim to avoid paying benefits. One situation that may cause concern is if an employee is injured while he is on his lunch break. Is he covered by workers’ comp insurance? If you are injured at lunch, you may still be entitled to receive benefits. […]

Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim Mistakes

Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim Mistakes

Have you been injured in a workplace accident? Is your employer or its insurer denying coverage of a workers’ compensation claim? If so, you need the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Our attorneys can help you avoid workers’ compensation mistakes that can result in a denial of your workers’ compensation claim.

Don’t Ignore Your Injuries

If you even suspect you may have been injured at work, you should treat it as a work-place injury. Some people make the mistake of thinking a minor injury is nothing to worry about. They do not seek medical treatment or report the injury until months later when it is too late to file a workers’ compensation claim. […]

Fort Lauderdale Rail Yard Death Under Investigation


Man Killed in Industrial Accident at Fort Lauderdale Rail Yard

Last week, a man was killed in an industrial accident while working around heavy machinery at the Fort Lauderdale FL rail year. According to Fort Lauderdale police, the “railroad incident” occurred before 5:30 p.m. n Wednesday at the FEC railyard at 3125 S. Andrews Ave. The fatal accident apparently happened while the man was inside a train container car, unloading crushed rock that is used for the construction of railroad tracks. He was struck by a piece of heavy machinery and died as a result of his injuries. […]