Does Florida’s Workers’ Comp Laws Hurt Injured Employees?

If you’ve been injured on the job, you’re probably working with your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier to handle your medical care and other benefits. You may assume you’ll be treated fairly and that everyone has your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. The insurance company wants to protect its own interests and so does your employer. Furthermore, many of Florida’s workers’ comp laws are designed to help the business so that it can continue to grow and thrive.

How Florida Workers’ Compensation Laws Hurt The Worker

Because of current laws regarding workers’ compensation, the employer often benefits over the employee. For instance, the insurance company selects the doctor who will provide medical treatment for the employee. The doctor works with the employer and insurance company to get the employee back to work as soon as possible. While this may be your goal as well, it doesn’t mean you want the injury ignored or covered up with pain medication. […]

Deadly Accident Claims Life

deadly accident boca raton

Tragic Accident Claims Life of Boca Raton Landscaper

News reports state that a man believed to be in his 20s died at a local hospital after being pulled from underneath a lawnmower on Sound Parkway in Boca Raton.

The landscaper was trapped under a lawnmower that rolled into the canal. Emergency teams pulled the man from under the lawnmower and he was rushed to the hospital but he did not survive his injuries. It is not known what caused the incident. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials are investigating the accident. Depending on the details of the case, the victim’s family may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits or compensation under Florida’s personal injury laws. […]