Florida Woman Accused of Workers’ Comp Fraud

In Fort Lauderdale, a woman filed a workers’ comp claim for an injury she sustained in August 2016 while at work. According to the woman, she was sitting at her desk when a sprinkler fell from the roof and hit her on the head. A claim was filed under workers’ compensation for her injury. However, the insurance company for her employer became suspicious and contacted Florida’s Division of Investigative and Forensic Services. A video of the incident surfaced showing the woman sitting at her desk when the sprinkler fell on the desk. In the video, she looked around, picked up the sprinkler and hit herself in the head with the sprinkler. She holds her head after injuring herself. […]

Filing Workers’ Comp Claims

Works comp claim form

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Florida

You went to work last week expecting it to be the same workweek as usual until you were injured in a workplace accident. The injury was not severe enough to require emergency medical treatment; however, you are now experiencing severe pain and limitation of movement. You must act quickly in order to protect your right to receive benefits under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws.

As experienced workers’ compensation lawyers, we can help you file your claim and protect your right to receive benefits and compensation for a workplace injury. Contact our office now to speak with an attorney or to schedule a free consultation. […]