Judge Denies Request to Change Doctors in Florida Workers Comp Case

According to a story reported by the Florida Record, an injured worker’s second request to change doctors after a workplace injury has been denied. In a decision by the First District Court of Appeal, the court upheld the lower court’s decision to deny the worker’s request to change doctors because he had already been granted a one-time change of physicians. The injured employee had previously requested a change of doctors when his authorized orthopedic physician retired and the insurance company authorized another doctor. The employee alleged that he should be allowed to change doctors again to return to a doctor with the practice of his original doctor. The court denied the request because the worker had already been granted a one-time change of doctors. […]

Another TECO Worker Dies from Injuries in Florida Industrial Accident

Fox 13 reports another tragic death from the TECO power plant industrial accident on June 29. Frank Jones was the fourth worker to die from injuries sustained in the June workplace accident. Six Tampa Electric workers were injured or killed in the accident at the Big Bend Power Plant while cleaning a tank. Two men died at the accident scene, and another man died later that week. The men were sprayed with molten stone waste as they were trying to unclog the tank. […]

Can I Receive Florida Workers’ Comp If I am Injured at Lunch?

Workers’ compensation coverage is a complicated matter. The complexities lead to questions about the validity of a claim. Depending on the circumstances, an insurance company may try to deny an injury claim to avoid paying benefits. One situation that may cause concern is if an employee is injured while he is on his lunch break. Is he covered by workers’ comp insurance? If you are injured at lunch, you may still be entitled to receive benefits. […]

Workers’ Comp Rates Soar in Florida

workers comp rates high in florida

Florida Workers’ Comp Rates Could Be The Highest In The Southeast

The Florida Chamber of Commerce alleges that if a proposed insurance rate increase is approved, Florida will have the highest workers’ comp insurance rates in the southeast. As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, the chamber’s president Mark Wilson said, “A 19.6 percent rate increase will cause uncertainty among job creators and may even force a decline in Florida’s job growth.” Why is the rate for workers’ comp insurance increasing in Florida?

Two Recent Decisions in Workers’ Comp Lawsuits Favor Florida Injured Workers

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) requested the 19.6 percent increase in Florida’s workers’ comp rates due to two recent Florida Supreme Court rulings that favor employees. Business groups claim the decisions hurt Florida’s economy while attorneys and employee advocates praise the court’s decisions as protecting injured workers. […]