Heat Stroke from Working Inside in Florida

When we think about heat stroke on the job in Florida, we tend to think about employees who work outside. We know that construction workers, farmers, and other people who work outside during long, hot days are susceptible to heat stroke. However, employees who work indoors are also in danger of heat stroke. In some cases, the temperature indoors can be higher than the temperature outside. In buildings without proper ventilation, air circulation, or air conditioning, the risk of a heat stroke can increase dramatically. […]

Workers’ Comp Rates Soar in Florida

workers comp rates high in florida

Florida Workers’ Comp Rates Could Be The Highest In The Southeast

The Florida Chamber of Commerce alleges that if a proposed insurance rate increase is approved, Florida will have the highest workers’ comp insurance rates in the southeast. As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, the chamber’s president Mark Wilson said, “A 19.6 percent rate increase will cause uncertainty among job creators and may even force a decline in Florida’s job growth.” Why is the rate for workers’ comp insurance increasing in Florida?

Two Recent Decisions in Workers’ Comp Lawsuits Favor Florida Injured Workers

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) requested the 19.6 percent increase in Florida’s workers’ comp rates due to two recent Florida Supreme Court rulings that favor employees. Business groups claim the decisions hurt Florida’s economy while attorneys and employee advocates praise the court’s decisions as protecting injured workers. […]