Is A Mental Injury Covered Under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation System?

When you are injured at work, the Florida workers’ comp system is designed to provide medical care and other benefits while you are out of work. The system protects employers from being sued by injured workers while providing workers hurt on the job with much-needed care. While physical injuries clearly fall under the coverage provided by workers’ comp, mental injuries or nervous injuries are a complicated matter. […]

What Is The Most Important Thing I Need To Know About Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim In Florida?

Being injured at work is a serious situation that can be frightening for the employee. The fear of being without pay while you recover from a serious injury is a major concern for injured workers. Filing a workers’ compensation claim ensures you receive the care you need and the benefits you’re due as an injured worker. As you prepare to file a Florida workers’ comp claim, these are some important things you should know about the process and Florida workers comp laws.

Report The Accident Immediately

Even if you think your injury is minor, report the incident as soon as it happens. Write down the details of the accident while it is fresh on your mind. This will also help your attorney if you need to hire a Boca Raton workers’ comp attorney to assist with your claim. Reporting the accident immediately helps avoid delays. It also provides a paper trail that can serve as evidence that you filed your claim in a timely manner. Failing to report an accident may result in your claim being denied. […]