Work-Related Fatalities Increase in Florida

According to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, fatal occupational injuries are increasing in Florida. In 2015, 272 people died in work-related accidents throughout the state. The largest contributing factor or event that year was transportation incidents followed by falls, slips, and trips. During 2014, there were 228 people killed in work-related accidents and in 2013, 239 people died from work-related injuries. Transportation-related incidents and falls continue to be the leading factors in work-related deaths each year.  […]

When Should I Hire A Florida Workers Comp Attorney?

If you have sustained an injury at work, this is probably a confusing time for you. Your immediate concern is medical attention for your injuries; however, you also have other concerns that must be addressed. One of the major concerns is how to pay for your living expenses if you miss work due to your workplace injury. A workers comp claim can help.

Florida’s workers’ compensation laws exist to address some of the vital concerns of injured workers, such as medical care and temporary income. While the workers’ compensation system in Florida should provide benefits in a timely and smooth fashion, workers must rely on insurance companies to fulfill the provisions of the workers’ comp laws. […]

Is My Injury At Work Covered If Caused By A Co-Worker?

Florida’s workers’ compensation system was established to protect workers when there is an injury at work. The system provides for medical care, income benefits, and other benefits for the injured worker. In the case of death, the system provides benefits to the worker’s family. However, there are strict laws and procedures that govern Florida workers’ comp claims. You and your employer must take specific actions when you report an injury at work. Your employer should have protocols in place to report a workplace injury, including an injury caused by a co-worker. […]

Another TECO Worker Dies from Injuries in Florida Industrial Accident

Fox 13 reports another tragic death from the TECO power plant industrial accident on June 29. Frank Jones was the fourth worker to die from injuries sustained in the June workplace accident. Six Tampa Electric workers were injured or killed in the accident at the Big Bend Power Plant while cleaning a tank. Two men died at the accident scene, and another man died later that week. The men were sprayed with molten stone waste as they were trying to unclog the tank. […]

Orange County FL Man Alleges Termination Because of Workers’ Comp Claim

In a Florida Record­­ report by Jenie Mallari-Torres, an Orange County man has filed a lawsuit in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida against Circle K Stores, Inc. In his complaint, he alleges that while working for the defendant in July 2015, he was injured while placing deposits from the store into a bank drop box. Because of the injury, he filed a workers’ compensation claim. Subsequently, he was fired from his position in August 2015. […]

How Can Work Incentive Programs Decrease Work Accidents?

Almost 13,000 Americans are injured at work each day, according to a study by The National Safety Council. What is really frightening and discouraging is that nearly every injury is preventable. Keys to reducing the number of workplace injuries include:

    • Ensuring safety programs are in place;
    • Workers are educated; and,
    • Workers are monitored to ensure they follow the correct procedures.

One method of meeting these goals is by offering an incentive program for workers to increase active participation in safety training programs and increase the level of follow through on the lessons learned in safety education classes. Employees are more motivated to follow regulations and procedures when they receive rewards for their efforts. […]

What Injuries Are Covered By Workers’ Comp?

It’s all too easy to get hurt at work no matter what kind of job you have. An accidental slip or fall, a wrong turn, or sudden change in movement can result in an injury. Exposure to certain allergens or chemicals at work can cause an illness or injury.

In many cases, the accident isn’t a big deal. A sore muscle heals in a day or two and a cut or slight wound mends with no treatment necessary. However, other accidents result in more serious injuries. Workers may not understand what kind of injuries are covered by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Therefore, if you suffer any injury at work, you should consult with a Boca Raton workers’ compensation attorney to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to receive under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws. […]

Supreme Court Ruling in Florida

workers comp trial ruling

Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Another Workers’ Comp Law In Favor Of Injured Workers

A five-year workers’ compensation battle has finally been decided by the Florida Supreme Court in favor of the injured worker. The case of Bradley Westphal vs. City of St. Petersburg, et al, the court struck down a portion of Florida workers’ compensation law that cuts off disability benefits after 104 weeks for a worker who is totally disabled but has not reached maximum medical recovery as unconstitutional.

This is a major decision in favor of injured workers throughout Florida. The Supreme Court reinstated the portion of the law that allows for temporary total disability benefits up to 260 weeks (five years). However, there are those who are not in favor of the court’s decision. […]

Steps You Need to Take to Protect Your Florida Workers’ Comp Claim

One thing you should understand if you’ve been injured at work is that the insurance company isn’t in business to hand out money. A workers’ comp insurance company is like all other insurance companies — in business to make money. Therefore, you must take steps to protect your rights because the insurance company will not.

Workers’ compensation adjusters seek to find ways to reduce your benefits or terminate your benefits as quickly as possible. You must know how to protect your claim and your right to compensation.

    1. Report Your Accident Immediately

One of the most common mistakes employees make is not reporting a workplace accident right away. A workplace accident may not seem serious and you are more focused on getting back to work, but not reporting a workplace accident could cost you later. An insurance representative may try to deny your workers’ comp claim for failure to report in a timely manner. Therefore, report any workplace accident, regardless of how minor the injury may be, as soon as possible. […]