Does a Pre-Existing Condition Prevent Me from Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits in Florida?

When you are injured on the job, Florida’s workers’ compensation insurance system covers your claim. The system is designed to protect employers from being sued for workplace accidents while providing injured workers the medical care and other benefits they need while they are healing from a workplace injury. The workers’ comp claim process should be straightforward; however, many times it is not. Insurance companies search for ways to deny claims. One defense companies like to use is the pre-existing condition defense. If the insurance company can point to a pre-existing condition or a prior injury, it can claim that your current injury is the result of your prior injury, not the accident at work. If successful, the company could deny your workers’ comp benefits. […]

How to Avoid a Back Injury at Work

Back injuries are a common on-the-job injury that employees suffer across multiple industries. Injuries to the back are not limited to industries that require hard physical labor or heavy lifting. A person working in an office can suffer a back injury from sitting in the same position day after day, falling over a box left in […]

Supreme Court Ruling in Florida

workers comp trial ruling

Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Another Workers’ Comp Law In Favor Of Injured Workers

A five-year workers’ compensation battle has finally been decided by the Florida Supreme Court in favor of the injured worker. The case of Bradley Westphal vs. City of St. Petersburg, et al, the court struck down a portion of Florida workers’ compensation law that cuts off disability benefits after 104 weeks for a worker who is totally disabled but has not reached maximum medical recovery as unconstitutional.

This is a major decision in favor of injured workers throughout Florida. The Supreme Court reinstated the portion of the law that allows for temporary total disability benefits up to 260 weeks (five years). However, there are those who are not in favor of the court’s decision. […]

New Study Highlights Injury For Office Workers

Approximately 76,000 office workers are injured each year in the United States. Changes in work environments have added to the hazards office workers face. Common injuries sustained by office workers include:

    • Falls
    • Overexertion (strains)
    • Being struck by an object
    • Being caught between objects
    • Electrical hazards

However, a report highlights the risk of musculoskeletal injuries for office workers.

A recent study by the Washington State Department of Labor & Statistics is highlighting a common injury suffered by many office workers. Office workers were evaluated for musculoskeletal issues. Every office worker who participated in the study reported at least one musculoskeletal problem during the past year. The reports of pain by office workers increased from a similar study in 2009. […]