Work-Related Injuries on a Business Trip

Work injuries aren’t always a straightforward incident. In fact, the accident can occur in unusual circumstances, making you wonder if your injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. One such instance is an injury incurred during a business trip. If you are traveling for your job, are you automatically covered if you are injured? Unfortunately, the answer is not always simple.

Work Travel

If you are engaging in work-related activities in a location other than your primary place of employment, you are covered if you are injured. An example would be a pizza delivery person who falls while walking up the steps to a customer’s home. That injury would be covered under workers’ comp. […]

Injured Florida Worker Questions Constitutionality of Florida’s Workers’ Comp Laws

A nurse injured his back in December 2003 while working for Hialeah Hospital. The injury occurred two months after a new law in 2003 eliminated the permanent partial disability benefit for injured workers in Florida. The revision to the workers’ comp code meant that workers who suffered a permanent partial disability would no longer receive permanent benefits for their injury.

Under current Florida workers’ comp laws, injured workers with a disability can receive temporary partial disability benefits until a doctor finds the worker has reached maximum medical recovery or for a maximum of 104 weeks. If the worker is totally disabled, he may qualify for disability payments until he reaches the age of 75 years; however, a permanent disability only qualifies for payments for up to 104 weeks from the date of injury. […]