Workplace Fatalities: Construction Worker Dies After Falling From Building

CBS12 in West Palm Beach reported that a construction worker died after falling 15 stores in downtown West Palm Beach. The man, an employee for a concrete construction company, was working on the 15th floor of the new apartment building, Alexander Building, located on Fern Street near South Dixie Highway. An attorney for […]

Injured At Work Rules

Can My Employer Fire Me For Being Injured At Work?

Can My Employer Fire Me For Being Injured At Work?

My co-worker told me that another employee was fired just before I was hired because he was injured in a workplace accident. I got hurt last week but I have been hiding that from my employer. I am afraid that he will fire me when he finds out that I was injured at work. What should I do?

It is natural to be nervous and scared if you have been hurt at work. You are dealing with the physical pain of your injury and the prospect of losing time from work which means losing money. On top of it all, you are terrified that your employer is going to fire you because you were injured. However, not reporting your injury is harmful for many reasons but the most important reason is your health. […]

Steps You Need to Take to Protect Your Florida Workers’ Comp Claim

One thing you should understand if you’ve been injured at work is that the insurance company isn’t in business to hand out money. A workers’ comp insurance company is like all other insurance companies — in business to make money. Therefore, you must take steps to protect your rights because the insurance company will not.

Workers’ compensation adjusters seek to find ways to reduce your benefits or terminate your benefits as quickly as possible. You must know how to protect your claim and your right to compensation.

    1. Report Your Accident Immediately

One of the most common mistakes employees make is not reporting a workplace accident right away. A workplace accident may not seem serious and you are more focused on getting back to work, but not reporting a workplace accident could cost you later. An insurance representative may try to deny your workers’ comp claim for failure to report in a timely manner. Therefore, report any workplace accident, regardless of how minor the injury may be, as soon as possible. […]

What Is The Most Important Thing I Need To Know About Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim In Florida?

Being injured at work is a serious situation that can be frightening for the employee. The fear of being without pay while you recover from a serious injury is a major concern for injured workers. Filing a workers’ compensation claim ensures you receive the care you need and the benefits you’re due as an injured worker. As you prepare to file a Florida workers’ comp claim, these are some important things you should know about the process and Florida workers comp laws.

Report The Accident Immediately

Even if you think your injury is minor, report the incident as soon as it happens. Write down the details of the accident while it is fresh on your mind. This will also help your attorney if you need to hire a Boca Raton workers’ comp attorney to assist with your claim. Reporting the accident immediately helps avoid delays. It also provides a paper trail that can serve as evidence that you filed your claim in a timely manner. Failing to report an accident may result in your claim being denied. […]

Deadly Accident Claims Life

deadly accident boca raton

Tragic Accident Claims Life of Boca Raton Landscaper

News reports state that a man believed to be in his 20s died at a local hospital after being pulled from underneath a lawnmower on Sound Parkway in Boca Raton.

The landscaper was trapped under a lawnmower that rolled into the canal. Emergency teams pulled the man from under the lawnmower and he was rushed to the hospital but he did not survive his injuries. It is not known what caused the incident. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials are investigating the accident. Depending on the details of the case, the victim’s family may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits or compensation under Florida’s personal injury laws. […]

What Are Three Common Workers’ Comp Claims?

Injuries at work happen more frequently than you would think. Most of the time, workplace accidents are minor and result in no injuries or injuries that quickly heal. However, some workplace injuries require medical care and result in a workers’ compensation claim. Below is a discussion of three injuries we see among Boca […]

New Study Highlights Injury For Office Workers

Approximately 76,000 office workers are injured each year in the United States. Changes in work environments have added to the hazards office workers face. Common injuries sustained by office workers include:

    • Falls
    • Overexertion (strains)
    • Being struck by an object
    • Being caught between objects
    • Electrical hazards

However, a report highlights the risk of musculoskeletal injuries for office workers.

A recent study by the Washington State Department of Labor & Statistics is highlighting a common injury suffered by many office workers. Office workers were evaluated for musculoskeletal issues. Every office worker who participated in the study reported at least one musculoskeletal problem during the past year. The reports of pain by office workers increased from a similar study in 2009. […]