Representative Payee for Social Security

Elderly Couple social security payee

What Is A Social Security Representative Payee?

A representative payee is a person appointed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to receive and manage your SSDI or SSI benefits. Your representative payee receives your money each month and must use that money to pay for things you need such as food, clothing, shelter, and other bills. The representative payee can also pay for things you want such as entertainment or use the money in another manner that the payee determines is in your best interest and for your benefit.

Why Did The Social Security Administration Appoint A Representative Payee?

You can voluntarily choose a person to act as your representative payee if you do not feel comfortable managing your own financial affairs. However, the SSA appoints a representative payee in some cases regardless of whether the person wants a representative payee to handle his or her disability money. The SSA appoints a representative payee when it finds you are unable to successfully manage your disability benefits to pay for your needs. In the case of personality disorders, the SSA often appoints a representative payee to protect the disabled individual. […]