Textalyzer Could Be Used By Law Enforcement


Will Florida Be The Next State To Use The Textalyzer?

Last month was Florida’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month – Focus on Driving, Florida! Texting while driving is one of the worst types of distracted driving because it involves a person’s visual, manual, and cognitive abilities. While the driver is texting, his eyes are off the road, his hands are off the steering wheel, and you are focusing on something other than the task of driving. The campaign reminds Florida drivers that they need to keep their “eyes on road, hands on wheel, mind on driving.”

Unfortunately, not all drivers will heed the warning. Texting while driving is banned in Florida. Drivers who choose to text while driving can be charged and fined. However, the consequences of texting while driving go far beyond receiving a traffic ticket. Accidents caused by distracted drivers injuries thousands of people each year and costs millions of dollars in damages. During 2015, Florida had 45,740 distracted driving accidents resulting in 214 deaths and 39,396 injuries. […]

Accident Checklist For A Vehicle-Related Accident

The checklist below can be used if you are in a car accident, motorcycle crash, truck accident, bicycle crash, or pedestrian accident. The steps you should take and the information you need is the same regardless of how the accident happened.

Injuries – Are you injured? Are your passengers or anyone else injured? Call 911 for medical assistance if you or anyone at the accident scene appears to be injured. It is better to have emergency personnel check you than to risk your injury becoming worse from a lack of medical care. […]

Motor Vehicle Fatalities Increasing According To One Report

The National Safety Council (NSC) has released its findings for the first half of 2016 regarding motor vehicle fatalities. According to the NSC, fatalities from motor vehicle accidents increased nine percent from the same period a year before and eighteen percent from the previous year. During the first six months of 2016, approximately 19,100 people died in traffic accidents and 2.2 million people were seriously injured. The total cost from these deaths and injuries is $205 billion.

Florida had the largest increase in motor vehicle fatalities since 2014 in the United States. Florida’s increase in motor vehicle deaths was 43 percent, almost 20 percent more than the fifth largest increase (Kentucky at 24 percent).

Why Are Deaths From Motor Vehicle Accidents Increasing At Such High Rates?

The NSC points to lower unemployment rates and a stronger economy as leading factors for the increase in the rate of motor vehicle fatalities. Furthermore, the average gas price per gallon was 16 percent lower than the same time one year ago. This resulted in a 3.3 percent increase in the number of miles driven. […]

Can New Technology Prevent Car Crashes?

When you look at all the features on new vehicles, you’ll quickly discover how far technology has advanced in the last few years. Some of the systems used on new models look more like science fiction, but this technology is real. The question is, “Does this new technology prevent car crashes?”

Crash Avoidance Technology

In the past, engineers focused on building safer vehicles by reducing injury in a collision. Airbags and steel beams in the doors are just two of the ways cars are safer today than in past years. However, the focus has moved to preventing a collision. Crash avoidance systems available on new models include: […]