One thing you should understand if you’ve been injured at work is that the insurance company isn’t in business to hand out money. A workers’ comp insurance company is like all other insurance companies — in business to make money. Therefore, you must take steps to protect your rights because the insurance company will not.

Workers’ compensation adjusters seek to find ways to reduce your benefits or terminate your benefits as quickly as possible. You must know how to protect your claim and your right to compensation.

    1. Report Your Accident Immediately

One of the most common mistakes employees make is not reporting a workplace accident right away. A workplace accident may not seem serious and you are more focused on getting back to work, but not reporting a workplace accident could cost you later. An insurance representative may try to deny your workers’ comp claim for failure to report in a timely manner. Therefore, report any workplace accident, regardless of how minor the injury may be, as soon as possible.

    1. Seek Medical Care

If you are seriously injured in a workplace accident, you’ll be taken to the nearest emergency room and the insurance company will pay for treatment. However, in minor or less extreme injuries, you can seek medical care on your own. It’s important to go to the medical provider chosen by your employer’s workers’ compensation company. If you seek treatment elsewhere, you may be required to pay the expenses yourself.

    1. Report the Injury as Work-related

You should make sure the doctor knows your injury is a work-related injury. The report from the doctor and any documentation for the treatment you receive must be included in the claim to receive benefits.

    1. Follow Doctor’s Instructions

Once you have been given a treatment plan, you must follow the doctor’s instructions. Failure to comply with treatment may result in your benefits being denied. If the doctor requests additional testing or provides instructions for care, you should follow those instructions as completely as possible. If you disagree with a treatment plan or a procedure, you need to consult with a Boca Raton workers’ comp attorney immediately.

    1. File Your Written Report on Time

You have 30 days to file a written report to the employer after an injury has occurred or after you have been notified of an injury by your doctor. If you don’t meet the deadline, your claim could be denied or limited. Also, follow all other deadlines you receive in regards to future paperwork.

    1. Seek Legal Counsel for Your Claim

Because workers’ compensation is a complex issue, it’s easy to make a mistake or leave out an important step. It’s best to hire a Boca Raton workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure your claim is handled properly, both on your end and with the insurance company.

Contact a Boca Raton Workers’ Comp Attorney

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