What Can Cause My Social Security Disability Benefits to Terminate?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are intended to provide financial assistance to workers who are unable to work due to a mental health illness or a physical disability. SSDI is a permanent, lifelong disability benefit provided that you continue to meet the qualifications for being disabled as set forth by the Social Security Administration. If the SSA reviews your case, it can terminate disability benefits for several reasons.

Reasons for Terminating Social Security Disability Benefits

The SSA has the authority to randomly review your case to determine if you currently meet the qualifications to receive disability benefits. The SSA also reviews cases to ensure that individuals are still being treated for the disabling condition and individuals are complying with their physician’s treatment plan. If the SSA determines that your medical condition or mental health illness has improved, it may terminate your disability benefits. In some cases, the SSA may schedule an additional review depending on the circumstances of your disability. For example, if your condition is expected to improve in the future, the SSA may schedule another review in six to eighteen months.

For patients who have disabilities that could possibly improve with continued treatment, the SSA will likely review the claim in three years. However, if your medical condition or mental health illness is not expected to improve, the SSA will normally review your disability benefits in seven years. If the SSA determines you no longer meet the definition of being disabled, it will terminate your Social Security disability benefits.

Other reasons why the SSA may terminate disability benefits include:

    • Returning to work or school
    • Earning more than $1,090 ($1,820 for blind applicants) per month
    • Reaching the age of retirement
    • Being incarcerated or institutionalized against your will for over 30 days
    • Receiving additional assets that exceed the SSA’s asset limits
    • Begin receiving non-cash food and shelter benefits that cause your income to exceed income requirements
    • Your spouse has a substantial increase in monthly income
    • Turning 18 years of age – Your claim will be re-evaluated using the adult parameters for your condition
    • Changes in your living situation

Reinstating Your Social Security Disability Benefits

If your disability benefits are denied, you have the right to file an appeal with the SSA; however, you only have 60 days to file an appeal. Waiting too long to file an appeal of the termination of disability benefits will result in you losing your right to appeal. Appeals of SSA decisions can be complicated. Contact our office immediately to discuss your rights.

Experienced Florida Social Security Disability Attorneys

The Broderick Law Firm, P.L. assists individuals in filing for Social Security disability and appealing denials of disability claims. The SSDI process can be complicated and time-consuming. Just one mistake could result in a lengthy delay in receiving benefits or a complete denial of your disability claim.

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