We have that one outfit and that favorite pair of shoes that we love to pull out on a special occasion or a well-deserved vacation. Then we hesitate to try to decide if we truly want to wear that outfit or those shoes, so we rummage through the closet to find something else. The July 4th holiday is known for some of the epic parties of the year. We must account for other activities planned during the Independence holiday and pack accordingly. Then, let’s not forget the million and one things we need for our children or animals. Have you noticed the trend? What we do not need is an overloaded car that can cause an accident during our Fourth of July road trip.

The Dangers of an Overloaded Vehicle

Overloading a car can have damaging effects on the vehicle and create risks. Each vehicle has a maximum weight requirement according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Exceeding the car’s maximum weight requirements can have long-term effects on a vehicle and decrease efficiency. Overpacking a car on the way out of town for the Fourth of July can delay a trip and increase the risk of a breakdown or car accident. All components of a car work as one system. If a vehicle has to work harder due to overload, then it can cause a domino effect of problems. What should you know about the effects of an overloaded vehicle:

    • It is the responsibility of the driver to pack items efficiently to distribute weight evenly throughout the car.
    • Different sizes of items cause a vehicle to react differently when the maximum weight exceeds.
    • Consequences for an overloaded vehicle can be fatal.
    • Exceeding maximum weights puts a strain on a vehicle. The results are an unstable vehicle, difficulty controlling the car, and the inability to stop quicker.
    • The amount of gas that you use on a July 4th weekend will increase with overloading.
    • Consider luggage or bicycles that may be on a roof rack in the total weight amount when packing a vehicle.
    • Spinouts are extremely scary for all passengers in the car because you cannot predict the direction of the car.
    • Account for the items in your car and on the roof rack when applicable and adjust the air pressure in your tires to ensure a safe drive.
    • To avoid extreme stress on the car axle, pack heavier items lower in the car.
    • You need to be able to see out the back window of your vehicle. Do not pack items so high that they obstruct your view out your back window. An unobstructed vision of the roads at all times is very important.

Remember you can find the weight of your car on either the driver or passenger side panel of the door. The maximum weight will appear on the sticker on the door. Unnecessary insurance spikes from an accident caused by overloading are something that you do not want to remember or associate with an Independence holiday. Prepare for a good time but be cognizant and pack only what is truly needed.

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