5 Signs to Help You Identify Nursing Home Elder Abuse in Boca Raton, FL

Nursing home elder abuse is any kind of mistreatment that ends up harming or possibly killing an elderly person. With over two million elder abuse cases reported annually, these can include exploitation, neglect, sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse. The US has over 35 million people that are age 65 or greater which makes it very important that we can spot the signs of elder abuse long before more damage can occur. As the U.S. population grows older more people rely on nursing home care for their loved ones. Unfortunately these days nursing homes are most likely short staffed leading to the possibility that even more elder abuse in Boca Raton might occur. The elder abuse attorneys at The Broderick Law Firm have included five critical signs to look for to help you identify nursing home elder abuse:

    1. Basic needs of food and cleanliness are not provided.
    2. Your loved one has depression or is going through mood changes.
    3. You find money or other possessions mysteriously gone.
    4. No one can account for injuries that occurred.
    5. The staff has frequent fights with your loved one.

As we put our aging loved ones into nursing homes we should be very aware of these important signs of nursing home elder abuse. The Boca Raton, Florida Elder Abuse Attorneys at The Broderick Law Firm want you to know that they can help you if you need to fight for the rights of your aging loved ones.

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