When a person is injured on the job, the injury is classified as either temporary or permanent. It is also classified as partial or total disability. Benefits approved for a work injury are decided based on the classification of the injury. If rehabilitative temporary partial disability will apply in your Florida workers’ compensation case, it is helpful to have some basic knowledge about this complex workers’ comp benefit.

Temporary Partial Disability

When you are diagnosed with a temporary partial disability (TPD), it means you are unable to return to your former job at this time. Your condition is expected to improve with continued medical care and therapy, but you are unable to perform your job duties at this time due to medical restrictions. Because you are not able to perform your regular job, you are not receiving income. You can file a workers’ comp claim for temporary partial disability benefits. The amount you will receive for temporary partial disability is equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wages prior to the work accident. Even though the law is clear regarding temporary partial disability, your employer and/or its insurance carrier can make the matter much more complicated. Having a Boca Raton workers’ comp lawyer to walk you through the process and to protect your rights is often very helpful.

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation for a workers’ compensation injury may be made up of several components. Rehabilitation is designed to get you ready to return to work. First, there is the medical rehabilitation. Medical rehabilitation, which includes conditioning of the muscles, will help you achieve maximum medical recovery. Maximum medical recovery means you have reached a point where you are not going to get any better than you are right now. This is when a decision must be made whether your injury prevents you from returning to your previous job. For example, if you broke your leg at work and you are a construction worker, you may not be able to return to work if the injury resulted in a permanent disability that prevents you from being on your feet eight to ten hours a day. However, you are able to sit at a desk and perform other tasks, including limited standing and walking. Vocational rehabilitation is designed to train you to perform another type of work so that you can return to the workforce. This often includes helping you develop new skills or improve other skills you can use in the workplace.

Should You Hire an Attorney?

Workers’ compensation is designed to be a straightforward process. However, the rules and laws governing workers’ compensation in Florida can be overly complicated. Based on Florida’s workers’ compensation laws, you are entitled to receive workers’ comp benefits if you were injured while performing tasks associated with your job. The amount of the benefits and the length of time you can receive benefits varies. The exact benefits you are entitled to receive is based on several factors, including the type of injury and your prognosis. It can be difficult to navigate the confusing world of workers’ compensation, especially while you are recovering from an injury. Being out of work can create a serious financial hardship for you and you’re your family. It’s important to hire a Boca Raton workers’ comp attorney if you aren’t sure you’re receiving the correct workers’ comp benefits or if those benefits are stopped and you are still unable to return to work. If you feel you are entitled to benefits or a settlement for a rehabilitative temporary partial disability claim that you are not receiving, contact The Broderick Law Firm, P.L. for a free legal consultation and free case evaluation. Our Boca Raton injury attorneys review your case and advise you of the steps we need to take to get you the benefits you are entitled to receive under the law. Contact our office today by calling 1-800-333-3903 to speak with an attorney. We represent individuals in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL.