No matter what kind of injury you sustain, you will have to talk to the insurance company involved if you file a claim. It could be a work injury, car accident or other situation that leads to medical care. The insurance provider will request a recorded statement to include in the file.

What is a Recorded Statement?

In simple terms, a recorded statement is your side of the story. You explain what happened to cause your injury, including events leading up to the accident and those that followed afterward. Insurance companies use this statement as part of their evaluation into whether to pay for the claim and how much.

The insurance company will conduct an investigation into the incident surrounding the claim. They will review documents and files to understand the nature of the incident and the resulting injury. All of this information is used to determine the amount they may have to pay out to settle the claim. They will set aside a reserve amount of money for payment.

Along with a statement from you, the insurance provider will also speak with any witnesses or other parties involved in the incident. This may include an employer in a work-related accident or other drivers in a car-related accident.

Should You Submit a Recorded Statement?

Refusing to provide a statement for the insurance company could mean a delay in receiving compensation or even a denial of the claim. It also may mean that you receive less than what is due you because they only heard the other side of the story. It’s never beneficial for you to refuse to make a recorded statement.

On the other hand, you don’t have to give a recorded statement upon demand. You can ask to wait until you have spoken with an attorney. In fact, that is the best course of action in this kind of situation. An attorney will make sure you don’t inadvertently say anything that could hurt your claim. They will go over your statement with you to help you understand how to answer the questions honestly.

Insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible, and so do the other parties involved. Statements made by your employer or others may seek to undermine the incident by placing blame on you or denying the incident altogether. They may claim the incident was minor or even say your injury was pre-existing before the incident. In your recorded statement, you want to clarify all information to ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

If you have already provided a recorded statement, you still need an attorney to represent you. They will work to ensure information is handled correctly and no legitimate claim is denied. For those who have just recently been involved in an incident which resulted in an injury, contact an attorney before speaking with the insurance company. Make sure you have someone on your side to fight for your rights in the situation.

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