According to a story posted by Business Insider, The Florida House of Representatives passed a workers’ compensation reform bill that will increase the number of weeks an injured worker can receive benefits. House Bill 7085 increased the length of time a worker can receive temporary total disability or temporary partial disability benefits from 104 weeks to 260 weeks. By doing so, lawmakers have addressed the problem of a gap between the end of benefits and the injured worker still receiving treatment for his or her injuries. In addition, the new law would grant a Judge of Compensation Claims the authority to approve a workers’ comp attorney’s hourly fees in an amount higher than the statutory percentage -based attorney fee schedule. By allowing attorney fees based on work performed for the client, the law helps to ensure that injured workers can retain competent and experienced legal counsel to represent them in a worker’s comp claim. A Senate Bill that also addresses workers’ comp attorney’s fees and the length of time a worker can receive temporary disability benefits cleared the committee. The bill is now before the full Senate.

Protecting Injured Workers in Florida

The workers’ comp laws in Florida are designed to protect employees who are injured on the job. The workers’ comp system provides several different benefits to injured workers while they receive medical treatment for their injuries. The system should be very straightforward. If a worker is injured while performing job duties, he should receive temporary income benefits while he is receiving medical treatment and recuperating from the injury. The worker’s medical costs should be paid by the workers’ comp insurance company, and the worker should receive a settlement for any permanent disability. Families of deceased workers should receive benefits if their loved one died while on the job. Unfortunately, some workers’ comp claims do not proceed smoothly through the process. Employers and their insurance carriers that desire to save money and limit liability may fight the claim or delay the claim in hopes the injured victim will simply “go away.” Even though some workers’ comp claims can be complex and difficult, every worker deserves the same treatment if they were injured at work. When an employer or its worker’s comp insurance carrier refuses to treat an employee fairly, delays benefits or denies coverage, an experienced Boca Raton workers’ comp attorney can help. You do not have to take the word of an insurance adjuster or your employer. You may be entitled to benefits. You need to seek the advice of an attorney who has your best interest at as his top priority.

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