FDA Increases Warning on Defective Drug Invokana

As attorneys who practice in the field of defective or recalled drug litigation in Florida, we are aware when the FDA publishes a warning for a potentially-dangerous drug. We take additional notice when the FDA increases its warning in connection with a prescription drug on the market, as it has done recently with Invokana. The prescription drug Invokana is used to treat Type 2 Diabetes. However, the drug is also known to be linked to a higher risk of loss of bone density and bone fractures in those who take it. In fact, these dangers are so well known that the potential side effects dealing with bone density and bone fractures are on the label of the drug. According to the FDA, the dangers involved with Invokana are worse than initially thought. After collecting data from nine clinical trials conducted after the drug’s initial approval, the FDA now warns that the side effects of Invokana can start to occur as soon as three months after starting on the drug. However, the FDA has still not issued a recall on Invokana. For those taking the drug, it is prudent to discuss the dangers with your doctor now, but do not stop taking Invokana unless an alternative plan for controlling your blood sugar is in place. For those that have already been harmed by Invokana side effects, we urge you to reach out to a defective drug attorney to discuss your legal rights.

Hire an Invokana Defective Drug Lawyer

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