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Samsung’s Truck Mounted Screen Will Help Drivers See Through Trucks Helping Them Avoid Car Accidents

In an effort to improve road safety, especially on two-lane roads where drivers tend to have little patience when overtaking slower trucks, this new technology can help reduce car and truck accidents on Florida highways. Samsung’s new “safety truck” has a wireless camera mounted on the front that shows what’s in front of the truck on a large LED screen that attached on the back of the semi-truck. Being behind a slow semi-truck on a two-lane highway can be frustrating. Passing these big trucks can be very dangerous and could lead to serious car and truck accidents. Samsung’s new technology will help car drivers see what’s down the road in front of the semi-truck so they will know when they can safely pass. The see-through truck technology is currently being tested in Argentina where someone dies in a car or truck accident every hour. Many of these accidents involve reckless overtaking in which a vehicle passed a truck unsafely. Samsung engineers pointed out that the technology could also help reduce the risk of car vs truck accidents created by unexpected braking in front of a large truck. The project known as Safety Truck is currently just a concept being tested and is a long ways from being approved for widespread use on trucks worldwide and in Florida. It is known that Samsung is moving forward with plans to use the truck safety system while other countries begin to fully adopt the technology. In the US National Transportation Safety Board will need to put the new system through stringent testing before we see it on any trucks here in Florida and the US. The car and truck accident attorneys at The Broderick Law Firm are following this story and will post updates as they break. In the meantime, they urge you to be very careful when passing large semi-trucks on narrow two lanes roads. If you do happen to be involved in a car or truck accident in Florida make sure you protect your legal rights by hiring an experienced Boca Raton car accident attorney.

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