Have you been injured at work? Has a workplace accident caused you to be out of work? Is your employer dragging its feet filing your claim with its insurance company? Do you have questions about the workers’ compensation process in Florida? Below are five important things you need to know about Florida’s workers’ compensation laws if you have been injured at work.

Don’t Tough It Out

You need to tell your employer you were injured on the job as soon as possible. Don’t wait around to see if the pain goes away or if you feel better in a week or two. Even if your injury doesn’t warrant a worker’s compensation claim, it’s better to act on the side of caution. If you wait too long to report your workplace injury, you may end up being responsible for all medical bills because it is too late to file a claim. Remember, some injuries to the neck, head, and back may not immediately give you too much of a problem, but these injuries can worsen over time. By reporting the accident immediately, you protect your rights to workers’ compensation benefits.

Complete Your Workers’ Comp Forms

It’s important that you complete each required form in full and promptly. If you don’t complete forms accurately and timely, you could slow down the process and thereby delay your benefits. Double check all information for accuracy, especially the date of the injury, your social security number, contact information, description of your injury, details of the accident, and information regarding medical treatment received after the accident.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Failing to follow a treatment plan can jeopardize your workers’ compensation benefits. If the doctor says you are unable to work, you need to stay home. Don’t risk losing your benefits because you don’t want to follow the doctor’s orders. Keep all appointments, write down instructions, and keep careful records. An insurance company can use your lack of cooperation as a reason to deny your claim. Don’t give it any reasons to deny your benefits.

Keep Detailed Records If You Are Injured at Work

For someone who hates paperwork and is not organized, this can be frustrating. However, it is necessary to keep detailed records during the entire time between your injury until your workers’ compensation claim is settled and closed. Records you need to keep include medical records, workers’ comp forms, and proof of expenses related to your injury and treatment. If in doubt, keep it!

You Have the Right to Consult a Boca Raton Workers’ Comp Attorney

It is important that you understand your rights under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws. For example, you cannot be fired for reporting an accident, and your employer cannot demote you or take adverse actions solely because you were injured on the job. Consulting with an experienced Florida workers’ compensation lawyer early in your case can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. Knowing that you have someone on your side fighting for your right to receive the benefits you are entitled to receive by law allows you to focus on your health and your recovery.

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