Don’t make these common mistakes if you are in a Florida car accident

Many car accident victims do not receive the full compensation they deserve. This is mostly because of mistakes people make that end up hurting their injury case. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid if you have an auto accident in Florida.

1. Didn’t get detailed information at the accident scene

It is critical that you get the detailed information at the scene of the accident so your attorney can build the best case. Write down important information like the name, address and phone numbers of all the accident victims and witnesses. Also record the other driver’s license number, contact information and his’ or her’s insurance company info and policy number. You should take photos of all the cars involved from many angles. Florida Motor Vehicle accident guide has a very helpful information on what you should do after an accident.

2. Gave statements before consulting a Florida lawyer first

An insurance adjuster will most likely contact you to get your recorded statement immediately after your accident. They might appear very concerned for you and your claim but the adjuster will attempt to get you to make damaging statements so they can pay out less money. Insurance adjusters are very well trained in getting you to say damaging statements about the accident in an attempt to reduce the payout. Because of this it is most important to consult a lawyer before giving any statements.

3. Not getting medical care as soon as possible

Don’t delay in visiting your doctor. It is important to get medical treated quickly so you don’t do any further damage to your body. Also the faster you see a doctor, the more likely that you will have a solid records of all your injuries. This is important in determining the amount to money you will get. If you wait too long to see a doctor the judge might assume that your accident injuries could have been less serious than you claimed.

4. Waiting too long seeking legal help from a Florida Lawyer

The longer you delay in getting legal advise the more challenging it will be to find evidence and witnesses. If you wait to get legal help it will most likely hurt your claim because you might give the wrong statements to the insurance adjuster. You are also at risk of losing your accident injury case if you do not make important claim deadlines. Don’t make a mistake by waiting to long. Call your lawyer now.

5. Signing documents before getting advice from an attorney

Insurance adjusters try their best to get you to sign forms quickly. This will most likely hurt your claim. Documents that they will give you could include medical record requests or “release” checks that will close your case as quickly as possible. They often misled accident victims by getting you to sign documents that result in a quick settlement and less money paid out to you. Contact a Florida injury attorney before signing any documents that you are given so you avoid making any expensive errors.

6. Not recording all accident-related expenses

You are entitled to money for lost wages, medical costs, pain & suffering if you are an accident victim. If you record all accident-related costs, physical issues and other problems you encounter you can receive the maximum payout for your claim.

7. Not following your doctor’s instructions

You have a responsibility to minimize your accident injuries after a car wreck. If you do not follow your doctor’s orders it could lessen the amount of money you might receive. This is because it might look like you are not as seriously injured as you have stated. Never miss any doctor appointments or disregard doctor’s directions.

8. Settling before you are correctly diagnosed

Many people will accept a quick payout only to find out that their injuries are much more sever then they thought. If you settle to quickly you will have no recourse in receiving additional money to pay for medical expenses, pain and suffering. Some accident injuries take more time to show up. You should make sure you know exactly how bad your car accident injuries are before settling. Contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney today to get professional representation so you don’t make any of these mistakes!

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