As we near Memorial Day Weekend, many people will purchase fireworks as part of their celebrations. Some towns or event organizers may have firework exhibits as part of their holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, there will be some people who are injured while using fireworks or enjoying a firework display. According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 18,500 fires will be started by fireworks each year in the United States. Over 10,500 people were treated in emergency rooms in 2014 for fireworks-related injuries. Sparklers caused a quarter of those injuries. Most of us love fireworks, but we must remember that using fireworks can result in serious injuries. Below are safety tips for using fireworks.

Safety Tips for Using Fireworks on Memorial Day

    • Obey all local laws. If you are not sure whether you can use fireworks in your area, contact your local government office to verify the laws regarding the use of fireworks.
    • Wear safety glasses. Safety glass can prevent injuries to your eyes when lighting fireworks. In addition, don’t wear clothing that can dangle down onto the firework.
    • Don’t mix alcohol and fireworks. Never try to light fireworks if you have been consuming alcohol.
    • Use fireworks outdoors. Fireworks should be used in an open space away from buildings and other structures. Never light fireworks inside a structure.
    • Never allow children to light fireworks. Fireworks should only be used by adults.
    • Never relight a firework. If the firework does not work, in other words, it is a “dud,” wait 20 minutes before picking the firework up and soaking it in water.
    • Always have a fire extinguisher and water. You need to have a bucket of water or a water hose in case of fires. Having a small fire extinguisher is also a wise idea.
    • Follow instructions exactly as printed. Read all instructions on or with the fireworks and follow those instructions. Do not “experiment” with fireworks!
    • Purchase fireworks from a reputable dealer. Purchasing fireworks from the “back of a truck” can be very dangerous. You do not know if those fireworks are safe. Purchase your fireworks from a dealer.
    • Light one firework at a time. Attempting to light multiple fireworks for a “big finale” can result in a tragic accident.
    • Never point fireworks at others. Fireworks should only be directed up and away from people and crowds.
    • Protect your pets. Many pets fear fireworks. Consider your pets when you are planning your Memorial Day celebrations.

For more information about fireworks safety, visit the website for the National Council on Fireworks Safety. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend. If you are injured using fireworks while you are on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Contact our office for a free consultation with a Boca Raton workers’ comp attorney.

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