Are You in Danger Because of a Lack of Medical Device Security?

Your personal information may be at risk due to a lack of medical device security; however, your personal health and even your life could be at risk for the same reason. When you visit your doctor or a medical facility, you assume that the medical devices being used are safe — they should not cause harm. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls defective medical devices each year for a variety of reasons.

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Medical Device USB Ports Put Your Personal Information at Risk

A study by Patricia AH Williams and Andrew J. Woodward this year revealed that USB devices could cause data corruption, upload viruses, or be used to inadvertently gain information when plugged into a medical device. In a report by the SANS Institute, 94% of healthcare providers have been the victims of cyber attacks through medical devices in addition to cyber attacks on their computer networks.

The FDA has warned manufacturers and medical providers of the importance of cybersecurity for medical devices and networks. Unfortunately, many medical facilities do not have sufficient security to prevent staff, patients, and visitors from “plugging in” to medical devices when their cell phone or other electronic device is about to lose battery power.

Can I be Injured Because of a USB Port on a Medical Device?

In an executive brief released by the ECRI Institute, the misuse of USB ports on medical devices can cause the device to malfunction. In addition to the potential for a security leak of patient’s personal data, the ECRI warns of potential problems from plugging unauthorized devices or accessories into medical devices via the USB port. The potential problems include the device shutting down, changes to the settings of the device, or system malfunctions. The result is compromised the care of the patient putting the patient at risk for injury.

The FDA issued a recall of a defective medical device in March 2014 due to a software defect. According to the FDA, Spacelabs Healthcare Ltd.’s ARKON Anesthesia Delivery System has a software defect that can cause the medical device to stop working causing patients to need manual ventilation. The FDA specifically states in the recall, “if a cell phone or other USB device is plugged into one of the four USB ports for charging, this may also cause the System to stop working.” The FDA warns the defect can cause “serious adverse health consequences, including hypoxemia and death.”

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