Injured In A Boca Raton Slip And Fall Accident – Steps You Need To Take

A common misconception about a slip and fall accident is that the victim is never seriously injured. This is not true! Some slip and fall cases result in traumatic, life-altering injuries that substantially change the victim’s life forever. A broken bone, traumatic head trauma, fracture, spine and neck injury, or internal injury can change your life forever. A jury recently awarded a plaintiff $1.35 million in a slip and fall lawsuit against a West Palm Beach, FL Chipotle Mexican Grille. The woman slipped and fell in a puddle of water inside the store caused by rainfall. She suffered herniated disks, a concussion, whiplash, and chronic ongoing pain.

Slip and fall cases occur in a variety of situations and locations. A Denton County, Texas woman received an undisclosed settlement after slipping and falling at a RaceTrac location and a Passaic, New Jersey woman received a jury verdict of $2.25 million after suing several defendants for a slip and fall accident as she was going from her vehicle to her place of employment. A man from Huntington, West Virginia is current suing Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. for a slip and fall because of the store as a result of fabric softener left on the floor.

A property owner has a duty to maintain the property to provide a safe environment for visitors and guests on the property. If you are injured in a Boca Raton slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. Compensable damages include but are not limited to medical expenses, lost wages, permanent disability, physical pain, and emotional suffering. The steps you take following a slip and fall accident can help your personal injury attorney present a strong case proving negligence by the property owner.

Steps To Take After A Slip And Fall Accident

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, you should:

    • Seek medical attention – It is important that you protect your health by seeking medical attention. Even if you believe you are not seriously injured, it is always wise to be checked by a physician. Soreness and pain could be an indication of a more serious injury.
    • Report the slip and fall accident – Immediately report the slip and fall accident to the property owner or the manager on duty. Request a copy of the written report of the accident and ask for the property owner’s name and contact information.
    • Take pictures of the accident scene – If possible, take pictures of the accident scene at the time of your slip and fall. The property owner will likely correct the issue; therefore, pictures are very important to prove what the conditions were at the time of the accident.
    • Obtain witness information – Ask for the names and contact information for all witnesses to the slip and fall accident. Independent eyewitness testimony is very helpful in this type of personal injury case.
    • Preserve evidence – Retain the clothing and shoes you were wearing at the time of the accident in case your attorney needs these for evidence.
    • Contact The Broderick Law Firm, P.L. – Contact our office to discuss the facts of your slip and fall accident with an experienced premises liability attorney. You only have a limited period to file a slip and fall claim; therefore, do not wait until the negligent party is refusing to pay your expenses to retain an attorney.

Boca Raton, FL Slip & Fall Attorney

The slip and fall lawyers of The Broderick Law Firm, P.L. want to help you receive a fair and just settlement for your slip and fall claim. We will fight for your legal rights while you focus on your continued recovery.