Helpful tips on how you can deal with your insurance company after a Boca Raton auto wreck

Getting into a car wreck in Boca Raton is stressful enough but also dealing with your insurance company can be a nightmare. Keep in mind that your insurance company is not on your side. They make money by collecting payments not by paying out claims. Therefore it is important to know all your rights when it comes to car repairs, injuries, and state laws. Hopefully, everyone involved in your Boca Raton car accident hasn’t been seriously injured. There are other critical factors that relate to your claim that you should be aware of. Our Boca Raton car accident attorneys have provided some useful tips here that can help you reduce your risk and to help you to negotiate the best settlement with your insurance company. You can get more information here on what to do in the event of a vehicle collision.

1. Never Lie!

We had to start out with the most important tip of all. Never lie to your insurance company even if you fear that you may not be fully covered. If you do you might be caught in a lie, lose coverage and even face jail time. So don’t risk it, always tell the truth.

2. Contact Your Auto Insurance Company as Soon as Possible

You must contact your insurance company soon after your Boca Raton, FL accident. Check your policy if you do not know this requirement. You could lose your rights under California law if you delay reporting your wreck even if it’s just a minor accident. Don’t get caught thinking that everything will be OK after you agree with the other party at the accident scene. Even in small accidents when we agree who was at fault and think that we can take care of all the details the other party might suddenly change their minds. Don’t get caught unprepared. Report your accident to your insurance company ASAP.

3. Clearly Report Just the Facts

Report your car accident details exactly as they occurred. Do not give any opinions or place blame. Simply give the insurance company the details that you remember. And never accept blame until you get some professional advice.

4. You Have the Right to Choose Your Repair Facility

After an accident in Boca Raton, you have the right to select the auto repair facility of your choice. Make sure to do your research and select a company that you know will return your wrecked car back to its original condition.

5. You have Right if There are Injuries

In the event that the car accident was your fault your insurance coverage will take care of the damages and medical bills only to the limits of your policy. You will be responsible for any damages over your insurance limits. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation our Boca Raton Florida accident attorneys can possibly help you limit your losses.

6. Do you have Rental Car Coverage?

It is important that you have rental car coverage so in the event that you do have an accident and your car will be in the body shop for a few days. Just make sure that your rental car has liability and collision coverage while you are renting it.

7. Is Your Car is Totaled? You Still Have Rights

Your auto insurance company must follow rules when totaling a vehicle. Usually, an adjuster will compare Kelley Blue Book recommended values to determine the value of your car. Insurance adjusters will also research what a vehicle like yours is currently being sold in your area. Make sure you get the fair value for your totaled car. If you don’t think what the insurance company is offering you is fair to check into it yourself. Get some facts and present your case to the adjuster so you can get the proper compensation for your totaled vehicle. If you feel that the insurance company is not being fair contact the company’s helpline. If this still doesn’t work file a dispute with the company. If you still can not get a fair value for your car you can get help from a Boca Raton car accident attorney to assure that you are getting a fair deal from the insurance company.

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