Your Florida personal injury case value can vary greatly depending on several factors?

The value of your injury case will be based on the damages you suffered due to the injury. Damages in a Boca Raton, Florida personal injury case will consist of three basic categories: lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering. In a case where the victim’s injuries are so severe that they will have to be retrained for a new job, as a result of the personal injury, the cost of the retraining will be awarded to the victim. Knowing what exactly the value of a personal injury case is impossible to know before hand. A professional injury attorney can give you a general idea what the value of your personal injury case in Florida is worth but it can vary greatly depending on the facts of your accident. Because we specialize in personal injury and accident law our Boca Raton, Florida attorneys will know what a reasonable settlement offer could be after getting all the details about your personal injury claim. There a many factors that contribute to the value of your injury case. These factors can include how strong the fault is in the claim, is there a clear connection between your injuries and the accident, how severe your injuries are, are there insurance limits on an award, did you pay for your emergency health care and how good is your evidence in the injury case. Most importantly having witnesses to the accident will be very helpful and do you have any photographs to document the personal injury accident. If there are no issues identifying who is at fault and any other aggravating factors that caused the accident the injury attorney can have a good idea what your case value could be. Another factor in predicting the value of a personal injury award can depend on the county in which the case is tried. If your accident case is tried in a city like Boca Raton, Florida in which the people are more favorable towards plaintiffs, your case can be worth more. But if the case is to be tried in a conservative county it could lower the value of your personal injury claim. For the most part court trials in urban areas award more money to plaintiffs then courts in rural areas of Florida. The attorneys at The Broderick Law Firm are knowledgeable, experienced attorneys who can provide you a value range based on the specifics of your case. If you have any questions regarding your accident case, contact one of our Boca Raton, Florida Personal Injury Lawyers now. And remember, all questions and consultations are free. There is never a charge until we win your case and get you compensated.

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