Two Area Residents Arrested for PIP Fraud after Staging an Auto Accident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The arrests of two Fort Lauderdale residents, Lashauda Gibbs & Kendrick, has been reported by the Florida Insurance Fraud division. Both Gibbs and Kendrick allegedly staged a car vs truck accident, ran a patient-brokering scheme and attempted to fraud the Florida PIP insurance program. The car vs truck accident was staged by Gibbs and Callins. It appears that they ran a rented U-Haul moving truck on purpose into a car driven by Callins with Gibbs as a passenger. After the wreck took place they then reported the Florida auto accident and submitted a claim to the insurance company. After an investigation into the incident including the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, FBI and the Broward County Sheriff it was reported that Gibbs and Callins had set up and took part in the fake auto accident. The staged wreck took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Sept 22, 2012. They will be charged on many counts including submitting a fraudulent insurance claim and receiving payment back in 2012. Both parties involved in the staged Florida auto accident will be prosecuted in Fort Lauderdale and could potentially face up to 25 years in Federal prison. The auto accident attorneys at The Broderick Law Firm responded to the report by stating that insurance fraud throughout Florida ends up costing everyone millions of dollars more in insurance premiums.

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