Motorcycle and Dump Truck Collision on South State Road 7 in Davie Ends in Fatality

On Friday morning James Goins was riding a borrowed GSX-R1000 motorcycle on South State Road 7 when he collied with a dump truck in the northbound lane. The impact was so powerful that it split the motorcycle into half scattering pieces of the bike a hundred feet down the road. Sadly Goins died at the motorcycle accident scene. According to the Goin’s step father, Rodney Pimental, he had borrowed the motorcycle. Goin’s mom Deborah, had been concerned about her son’s safety when they saw the traffic backed up on the road. Traffic was backed up on South State Road 7 for hours while the Davie Police motorcycle accident investigation team gathered evidence. Davie Police representatives said that they have not yet determined which driver was a fault. The investigators spent over 2 hours documenting the deadly motorcycle accident scene. Goins had a 12-year-old son who lived with him, his mom Deborah and step father Rodney. James Goins was a tow truck driver for Cobra Towing and Transport in the Fort Lauderdale area. Gazis, Goin’s boss, said that he was a great person and did a great job driving his tow trucks. But he did go on to say that he had been concerned about Goins riding a fast motorcycle. The dump truck driver, James Mills of Fort Lauderdale, did not receive any injuries in the motorcycle vs truck accident. The motorcycle accident attorneys at The Broderick Law Firm warn motorcycle riders to be very careful when riding in traffic. They want riders to ride safely and always be on a lookout for drivers that don’t see them.

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