Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim Mistakes

Have you been injured in a workplace accident? Is your employer or its insurer denying coverage of a workers’ compensation claim? If so, you need the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Our attorneys can help you avoid workers’ compensation mistakes that can result in a denial of your workers’ compensation claim.

Don’t Ignore Your Injuries

If you even suspect you may have been injured at work, you should treat it as a work-place injury. Some people make the mistake of thinking a minor injury is nothing to worry about. They do not seek medical treatment or report the injury until months later when it is too late to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Failing to Notify Employer

If you are injured at work, you must notify your employer of the injury and/or accident. Report your injury immediately to your supervisor and/or employer. Failure to provide notice will result in a denial of your workers’ compensation claim.

See an Employer Approved Physician

There is nothing preventing you from seeking a second opinion from a doctor of your choice; however, you will probably be required to seek treatment from a physical approved by your employer and/or its workers’ compensation insurance provider. If you do not seek medical treatment from an approved physician, your workers’ compensation claim may be denied.

Only Use Approved Pharmacies

Some employers and/or insurers require workers to use an approved pharmacy to fill prescription medications. Check with your employer to determine if you must use an approved pharmacy to avoid having the claim for medication denied by the insurer.

You Must Follow the Doctor’s Instructions

It is important for your recovery and health that you follow the doctor’s instructions and treatment plan. You should also keep all doctor’s appointments, attend physical therapy, and have all required diagnostic tests. Failure to follow the prescribed treatment plan and/or missing appointments could result in the denial of your workers’ compensation claim.

Complete All Forms Correctly and Timely

The claim form is the first record of your workplace injury and serves as notice to your employer that you have been injured. Complete the form as accurately as possible with as many details as you can provide regarding your workplace injury. As you go through the claims process, you will be required to file the appropriate forms to process your worker’s compensation claim. If you fail to file the correct forms, you claim could be delayed or denied.

Keep Detailed Records

In order to have your out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed, you must keep detailed records of all expenses related to your workplace injury. You may be entitled to reimbursement for fuel, parking fees, and other expenses related to your injury; however, you must have detailed records to document these expenses.

Consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Florida’s workers’ compensation laws are complex. Consulting with a workers’ compensation attorney can ensure that your right to receive medical treatment and other benefits under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Statutes. Your attorney can assist you with completing and filing the required forms as well as providing legal advice regarding the benefits and compensation you are entitled to receive for your workplace injury. If your employer or its insurer denies your claim, your attorney can help you file the appropriate appeal to recover compensation.

Do You Need an Attorney to Assist You With Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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