The Florida division of workers’ compensation has launched a new online assistance program for employer coverage. The goal is to assist business owners in obtaining coverage for their industry. The coverage helps to protect employees from the negative impacts of injuries that occur while on the job.

The online insurance database is called the Coverage Assistance Program or CAP. This program makes it easy for employers to search for various workers’ compensation insurance carriers that provide policies specifically for their industry.

The goal of the Division of Workers’ Compensation is to ensure workers have access to medical treatment in a timely manner after an injury occurs and to handle claims in a timely manner with efficient reimbursement. The agency also works to ensure all businesses and medical treatment facilities are in compliance with the workers’ compensation laws of Florida.

Employees who are injured on the job are entitled to seek the advice of an experienced Florida workers comp attorney. If you have questions about a workers’ comp claim, call our Boca Raton workers comp attorney for a We represent injured workers to fight for their right to receive the full benefits they are entitled to receive under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws.

Required Coverage

All employers in the construction industry with one or more employees must have workers compensation coverage. In addition, employers not in the construction industry with four or more employees must also obtain coverage. Furthermore, agricultural employers who have six regular employees or 12 seasonal employees who work more than 30 days per year must also carry a workers’ compensation policy. Companies are required to ensure that sub-contractors carry a policy for their workers or they may be held liable for payment of expenses and other benefits.

Prior to the new database, employers had to contact one of several insurance agent associations to find coverage or go through the Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Association.

Cost for coverage varies based on the type of work being performed by all employees, the history of claims for the business and the payroll for the company. Employers may qualify for discounts to make it more affordable.

All workplace injuries must be reported within 30 days to ensure full payment of benefits. While the employer should also report the injury, it is the employee’s responsibility to report injuries and illnesses as soon as they occur.

The new database will make it easier for new companies to become compliant and protect their employees and for current employers to compare costs and find affordable coverage to keep their staff protected. Efficient processing of all claims and benefits ensure that both the employer and employee are protected. Regardless of the industry, obtaining workers’ compensation is a requirement for Florida-based businesses.

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