Social media dominates the lives of Americans in almost every way from sharing reviews of restaurants and cat videos to debating political views. Anyone who doubts the power of social media needs only to look at the political landscape for the past year to see how social media can lift and crush a person within the same 24-hour period.

For most people, social media is harmless. It is a way to keep up with family and friends by sharing pictures, videos, and stories. With people frequently moving and families spread across the nation, social media has made it easier to feel as if we are still living just a few streets away.

However, social media can be extremely harmful if you have a workers’ comp claim. Even with your security settings at the highest level, nothing you post on the internet is truly secure (i.e. refer to the presidential campaign). Insurance companies understand the power of social media. Companies also understand that social media accounts contain a wealth of information that may be useful when fighting a workers’ comp claim. For this reason, it is best to refrain from using social media while you have a pending workers’ comp claim.

If you choose to continue using your social media accounts, never post anything about your accident, injuries, recovery, or case. Never discuss your workers’ comp case with anyone on social media. You should also refrain from posting pictures while your case is pending.

How Can Social Media Hurt My Workers’ Comp Claim?

Let’s look at a couple of simple, seemingly innocent situations, were social media court hurt your Florida workers’ comp claim.

Suppose you hurt your back at work, and you are out of work. You attend your niece’s birthday party that happens to be at an amusement park. Pictures are posted of you sitting at the amusement party. While you may have been in pain all day and you never got on one ride, the “appearance” that you were at the park may be enough to cast doubt on your claim.

Another example would be if you were injured at work because you fell on some broken stairs and broke your ankle. You have surgery, and you are out of work for several weeks. You claim you cannot return to work even though you have a desk job. However, posts appear on social media thanking you for helping your sister paint the interior of her new home. That would certainly be viewed harshly if you claim you cannot sit at your desk and work, but you can stand to paint.

There are hundreds of ways social media can trip you up when you have a pending workers’ comp claim. If possible, take a break from social media during your case to focus on your recovery.

Call A Boca Raton Workers’ Compensation Attorney For Help

If you have been injured on the job, you have rights! You do not need to accept what the insurance company or your employer says about your claim. You have the right to be heard. Our Boca Raton workers’ comp attorneys can help you protect your right to receive all benefits owed to you under Florida’s workers’ compensation system.

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