TACTTruck Accident Awareness Campaign Aims at Reducing Auto Accidents In Florida

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles launches a new program aimed at reducing commercial truck crashes, injuries, and deaths. They hope to get the word out through education and outreach programs to truck and auto drivers on how to drive safely. An overwhelming majority of all traffic accident deaths are caused by driver distraction or errors. Very few are a result of bad weather or road conditions. South Florida Troopers are focusing their efforts on preventing aggressive driving by citing drivers that follow other vehicles too closely, make sudden unsafe lane changes and don’t follow the posted speed limits. With the increased law enforcement and awareness advertising, the Florida Highway Patrol hopes to reduce truck and car accidents. These programs teach drivers safe driving practices around semi trucks and show them how to share the road safely.

Safe driving tips when around semi trucks

    1. Never drive in a truck’s blind spot. Large Semis can’t see behind them very well especially on the passenger side.
    2. Don’t tailgate. Stay well back from a truck to allow you to see further in front of the truck. This will allow you to avoid any hazards directly around the truck.
    3. Don’t cut in front of a truck. Never drive directly in front of a semi truck suddenly as they cannot stop quickly if you happen to get into an accident.
    4. If you pass a semi truck make sure that you are well ahead of it before merging back into the lane.

The Florida truck accident lawyers at The Broderick Law Firm advise drivers to be very careful while driving around large commercial trucks. Always give them plenty of space. If you do find yourself involved in a truck accident make sure you protect your legal rights by hiring an experienced Florida truck accident attorney.

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