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The Florida premises liability attorneys at The Broderick Law Firm have years of experience succesfully representing slip and fall injury victims in Florida. We have a team of very aggressive Florida personal injury lawyers that can handle premise liability claims that resulted from dangerous property conditions.

What is Premises Liability (Slip and Fall)?

Florida Premises Liability cases are also known as Slip and fall cases. Premises can be defined as land, a building or any other structure. Owners of Florida property are responsible for what happens on their property.

These claims can be due to someone being injured by tripping, slipping or falling down because there are hazardous conditions on the premises and the owner was negligent in mitigating these dangerous conditions. There are many types of hazards that you might encounter like: buckled sidewalks, broken stairs, poor lighting, slippery floors or missing safety rails that might cause a slip and fall injury.

If a property owner did not properly prevent hazardous conditions on their property that resulted in a slip and fall injury, you can file a Florida premise liability claim. Property owners must make sure that people are safe from injury when they are on their property.

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