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To obtaining the best possible settlement you should let the insurance company know that you are in a position to hire the best attorneys that will fight for you. Another important factor is understanding all of the legal issues regarding a claim so that an Insurance Lawyer can fully evaluate your case..

Bad Faith Insurance Practice

You can encounter a bad faith insurance practice if your insurance company delays a claim, denies a claim or cancels your insurance policy. Our attorneys represent you when your insurance company acts in bad faith. If an insurance company fails to pay what is due is can present serious issues for the insured. We help those people that have had their claim denied after losing their homes to fire or after suffering automobile accidents.

Our Florida Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys know that insurance companies are more interested in making money and sometime deny claims or abuse their policy holders. People in desperate situations can be taken advantage by companies by delaying payments and denying claims knowing that many people will eventually stop pursing the insurance claim.

Florida Insurance Company Breach of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

An insurance company’s duty of fair dealings and good faith should never be violated. Here are some of the issues that confront a bad faith claim.

  • Our attorneys can help the policy holder document a demand in order to show bad faith.
  • You need to have a clear understanding of what “intent” and “household” terms actually mean. An insurance adjuster might tell you that you are not covered when you might actually be covered for your lose.
  • We can help you collect the proper documentation for a bad faith claim. Sometimes gaps in the insurance companies docs can prove bad faith on their part be it intentional or by mistake.
  • Many times we know what clauses an insurance company will use when they deny a claim and can show when they demonstrate an error.
  • There are many types of policies that are commonly denied including: uninsured auto insurance policies, homeowners’ policies, disability insurance, group health policies, auto collision and comp insurance.

What happens If I Cashed my Insurance Check?

You still have a right to dispute the amount of the insurance payment. If you cashed a check already, that just indicates that you were compensated for any undisputed amounts of your complete loss. You can still fight for what’s due to you.

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