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Our product liability attorneys at The Broderick Law Firm have years of experience helping those people that have been injured by defective products or negligence due to the maker or seller of the bad product. The product designer, seller and manufacturer can be required to pay damages to the victims that have suffered due to these defective products.

A product manufacturer can be held liable for negligence if they have not taken good care to design, assemble or produce a safe product. The term negligence is used to describe a product manufacturer’s inability to provide the proper care in the building of the product to avoid injury to the consumer.

There are also cases called breach of warranty in which the product seller has failed to fulfill or honor a product’s warranty. This is also similar to misrepresentation case in which a seller has advertised a product in a particular way that can give a consumer a false sense of security. This can also include the intentional concealment of hazards by the seller when presenting the product for sell to the consumer.

Manufacturers and stores sell defective products to unsuspecting consumers every day. These unknowing consumers can sometimes suffer bodily injuries, loss of limbs or even death while using these faulty and dangerous products. If you have experience an injury due to a defective product we can help you with the professional representation you need to fight for your rights.

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